Meet the Authors Event in Pittsburgh this Saturday - Check it out!

Soul Pitt Media Presents

Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 3-6PM
@ Hill House Kaufmann Center

This is going to be an
Intellectually Stimulating Networking Affair!


Now in its 4th year, Soul Pitt’s
"Meet the Authors" event
promises to be an intellectually
stimulating networking affair!

Come and be entertained
with soulful words
and fictitious verbs
as they flow through the space,
indulge in a verse or 2
so you can taste,
and immerse in
soulful word play
As you come out & meet
the authors!


Soul Pitt Media's 4th "Meet the Authors" Event
Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012
Time: 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM -
Tickets $15.00

Hill House Kaufmann Center
1825 Centre Avenue | Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Soul Pitt has planned an exciting program which will feature authors covering all genres of literature and professionals who will speak on editing, organizing writing workshops, writer coaches and others involved in the literary field. And to celebrate National Poetry Month there will be a group of talented Pittsburgh poets there to share their poetry.

Appetizers will be served.
Catered by Top Quality Edibles

Come and enjoy the readings and then stick around
to meet authors and purchase their books.

--- Get Inspired to Write Your Book! ---

--- Get Tips from the Professionals! ---

--- Connect with local publishers & book coaches! ---

-- Learn ways to promote your book online -- 

Special Presentation by Author Weston Lyon

"Positioning Yourself as
a Leading Authority with a Book"

There are many reasons to write a book. BUT. There is no better reason than to help you position yourself as an authority on your subject.

Authorities are sought after. Attract more people. Receive media attention. And charge more for their services. It’s a no-brainer to be an authority…and there’s no better way to become an authority than to write a book!

In his presentation, Positioning Yourself as a Leading Authority with a Book, Weston Lyon will show you why having a book is essential to crushing your competition. He’ll also explore the 4 Myths About Books and his 10 Steps to Writing & Publishing (that he’s used to write and publish 14 books – 9 of them written in 11 months!!!).

D. L. Sparks, Fiction author, Atlanta, GA (Featured Author)

Black Mafia Widow, Thelma Wright,
Shares Her Story with New Book Release,
"With Eyes From Both Sides"

(2nd featured)

Rev. Sinclair Grey III, Inspirational,
Mt. Rainier, MD

Jaquaya Inez, Poet
Pittsburgh, PA

Seku Ba Jehudi Ameni, Poet
Buffalo, NY

Portia Cosby, Fiction


D. L. Sparks, Fiction (featured)
Thelma Wright, Nonfiction memoir
(2nd featured)
Rev. Sinclair, Inspirational
Barry Nelson, Science Fiction
Sheila Carter-Jones, Poetry
Jaquaya Inez, Poetry
Portia Cosby, Fiction
Kenya Smith, Children’s
Julius Boatwright
Rev. Lauran Webb
Walt & Elnora Forston
Leslie "Eza" Smith, Poetry
Tracy Bruce
Karesse Doss
Emma Slaughter
Audrey J. Murrell
Yvonne Bradley

Denise Riley-Ajanwachuku

Lindsey Smith
Ramon Riley

Nia Stanley, Blogger
Weston Lyon (featured)
Susan Frantz, Writing Coach,
Youth Community Involvement
Renee Galloway
Seku Ba Jehudi Ameni

Dr. Michele Hipsky
Rayco Saunders (Just Added!)

Joy Onyesonwu Kmt
Renee P. Aldrich
Tracey (Poetic) Powell
Sarah Williams-Devereux
Jill Tillman
Eric Magwood
Tamara R. Wilkes
Dessie Bey
GeAnita Smith

Keep checking for upcoming interviews with participating Authors, Poets, Publishers, etc.

Hosted by bonita lee penn
Editor, Soul Pitt Media

412.407.SOUL (7685)

This is a Soul Pitt Media Produced Event


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